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Published April 28, 2012 by mspatissiere

want to go here too 😀 SOON :))

eat and bake with bubu


Smallville, Ilo -ilo, Philippines

This time I went local, to my province, Ilo-ilo.

After a sumptuous dinner, My boyfriend and I were up for desserts. My cousin suggested that we go to Nothing but Desserts.

When I heard the name, I thought it was just a description of the actual store but then she reiterated and I thought it was an exciting place to be to enjoy desserts – since the name itself says it!

It was perfect because the store was just a few walks away from our dining restaurant.

From a far, I easily noticed the name of the store and I felt a sudden excitement and craving.

I was pretty overwhelmed with huge selections of desserts!  most of them are European – inspired.

From dessert cups

Cakes, macaroons,  bites

mini cakes

cake slices and bars

cake pops

cream puffs

and even ice creams gelato!

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