Little Farewell Party

Published March 22, 2012 by mspatissiere

They are the people that had been part of my senior year 🙂



The clock has been ticking so fast that it seems as if it was yesterday when I entered the gates of high school. It all happened in a flash of light when I was full of my butterflies and adrenaline on my first day of high school and here I am standing before you delivering a high school farewell speech.   Well, now I could say the time flies when you’re having fun.


High School is the training wheels for the bicycle in real life. It is where made our friendships that would last for a lifetime, caught up with teenage dramas, competed for excellence and learned life lessons. I will treasure these moments as long as I would exist in this vague realms.


We have transformed and molded ourselves into individuals who are capable to chase for our dreams, and for that I would like to thank several persons who made it all possible. First to the omnipotent God who have been my strength and my guide all my life, to my family for being supportive, committed and for holding on as I quest for independence.  To my great friends, thank you for staying true, for being honest and forgiving.   A week from now we would be in a stage accepting our diplomas and after that life would be different. I will surely miss all the mishaps, mayhem and miseries we have experience. I will miss eating lunch with you, having sleepovers, watching movies and all the crazy adventures we did. To my teachers, thank you for pushing me to my limits and for making me strive for my goal. And lastly to all who have been a part of my high school life. Thank you for making it complete and it wouldn’t be the same without any of you. You have all made a difference to me. Thanks for the memories.


Today we are on the brink of a new chapter of our lives.  What a rollercoaster ride high school is. Look how far we’ve come, from freaky little freshmen to awesome seniors.  We should affirm ourselves because we have achieved a far cry from as student who received a medal because here we are, survivors from brain cracking subjects, to terror teacher to a pain in the neck requirements to high school dramas.  Though, high school is also full of pains, trials, difficulties and dramas that makes it a bummer. But come on, that’s high school.  Ironic isn’t it that we spend our school days yearning when it will ever end and our remaining days nostalgic and yearning to stay? But everything must come to an end to have a new beginning. So are you ready for the next chapter? So keep calm and carry on.


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