A simple Introduction about ME :)

Published March 17, 2012 by mspatissiere

My Life is just as simple as this .

My name is Rebecca Joy C. Marasigan but my friends call me Joy or Bec at school.

I’m 15 years of age becoming 16 this coming thirty first of August and I live in Bacoor,Cavite .

I’m a Senior and I’m graduating this coming school year 2011-2012.I’m single. I’m drama free.

I’m one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but I can also be a complete bitch. I’m outgoing, but shy.

I’m friendly, but antisocial. I’m carefree, but I care a lot about what people think about it. Get it ?

I love all kinds of music .If you want to know more, just ask. I love to write. It’s a sense of release and an escape from reality for me.

My celebrity crushes are Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers, Kim Ki Bum from the K-Pop Group Called SHINEE,

Aaron Yan from a Taiwanese Group Called Fahrenheit, Robi Domingo and Sam Concepcion From Gigger Boysand now my new ADDICTION Daniel John Ford Padilla A.K.A Batman 😀 .

I open up very easily. I love meeting new people. I love my friends and family.

I’m a great listener, and sometimes a good advice giver.

I believe in living life without regrets. So yeah, that’s basically me.

You can know me more by reading my blog 🙂

I’m gonna update my blog, If I can, daily for you guys .

In this blog , I’m gonna post all my feelings , my DREAMS , my new encounters and adventures 🙂




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