A little Nervous

Published March 17, 2012 by mspatissiere

We only have 12 days left until our graduation .

To be honest I’m scared. I’m scared to pick the course I want for my college.

I don’t like to waste my Mom’s money on me, so I want to pick the curse that I really want. Not just because my friend or one of my classmate picked that course so I’m going to pick it too.

And also want to be wise on picking a school of my course choice. 

I don’t want to enter a pricey school. I want a school that have a affordable price.

I don’t want my mo to be bothered about my tuition fees. 

We all know that college is so magastos . *yeah*


I the following is on Tagalog , coz’ my nose is already bleeding xD *in a sarcastic way* >.<

Napag usapan na din namin ni mama yung tungkol sa mga to.

Ngayon pinagpe-pray ko na lang kay Lord na sana tulungan nya ako na makapili at makapasok sa isang magandang school.

Alam ko na laging nandyan si Lord para gabayaan ako. 


– Till my next post 🙂

– I know it’s a really short update but I hope I shared something to you, specially people like me who’s still confuse and undecided to what course they will take at the future . 

– at my next post , ako ay mag da-drama . Pagbigyan nyo na po ako 🙂







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